Brent Rollins
An editor expert in the healthcare sector of the stock market, his stories focus on the latest topics and trends in the healthcare industry. As alumnus of University Of Memphis, Brent’s students years has given him great insight into the industry.
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Hana Dillon
Writer, critic and ex-banker. Editor in local magazine and newspaper.
Hana shares her experience through writing news for the banking sphere.
Hana loves reading, writing, cooking.
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Derick Stein
Born in Europe, graduated Université de Montréal in Canada, with several years of experience as a writer in financial field. Derick is now sharing all of his passion of stock markets. Interested in Forex and crypto currencies too.
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Johann Holden
Our next writer practiced pharmaceutics all of his career. As an expert in this field, Johann also may analyze the health care sector of the stock market.
Here are some topics that he covers: new drug discovery insights, health related issues, changes in healthcare system and etc.
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Stefan Mayer
Mr Mayer, former teacher of physics. After more than 41 years of practice in his field, he is happily retired. Now he’s a writer and helps us with his knowledge.
Favorite topics: solar energy, solar engines, electromagnetic waves and etc.
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Lara Witt
Born in a family of environmentalists, Ms Witt loves nature and the environment. Her passion of green economy is spreading through blogging and her writing. She gets her knowledge in this sphere through her student years in University of California, Irvine.
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